PotionLabs rebrands to NtropikaLabs

In the context of Potion protocol (https://potion.fi), the NFT Unlock game was an important milestone for both the community and for us as a team. Not only did we fully conclude the development of a new system for risk management in DeFi, we also handed it to the community in the spirit of public goods development, in the first decentralized release of its kind.

Having reached this important milestone, and to further empower the decentralized nature of the project, our own team is now re-branding: welcome Ntropika Labs!

We remain deep believers in the ethos of decentralization. We make Potion project assets public to further experimentation in this topic, and in the spirit of high quality web3 public goods.

This page will remain inactive. Please follow us at ntropika-labs@medium.com