Fellowship, Advanced or Legendary: Which Potion NFT are you going to bid for?

Potion Labs (now Ntropika Labs)
2 min readApr 7, 2022

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Unless you’ve been hiding under a DeFi rock, chances are you’ve already heard of Potion Labs and their upcoming NFT game, Potion Unlock. The interest in the project has been impressive: the private sale of NFTs held in January 2022 raised $12m, and a recent airdrop of NFTs ran out in a matter of minutes.

Assuming you’re primed and ready to play, this article provides a guide to which NFT you should buy and when.

There are six types of Potion NFTs or “rarities”: the more decryption power they have and the less redundancy the better.

As you can see from the table, holders of Kelly Knight and Wise Wizard NFTs hold the most decryption capability and therefore yield significant power.

If you want to get the next best thing, then you’ll want to hold out for Legendary NFTs. However, the public sale of Potion NFTs will take place in succession, with only one rarity type auctioned at a time. Fellowship goes first, and when these run out, the auction will move on to Advanced and Legendary.

A dutch-style auction scheduled for the 14th March will be used to sell the NFTs — watch this video for an overview of the NFT Unlock and this video to understand the full participation process.

Remember, your secret is the leverage in the game. So think carefully about which NFT you want to buy, and be strategic with when you buy it. Good luck!

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