Announcing Potion Unlock NFT Airdrop

Potion Labs (now Ntropika Labs)
3 min readFeb 22, 2022

Potion Unlock, the radically decentralized launch mechanism to release the Potion Protocol, has now been live for more than one week. We are very excited to announce that a NFT airdrop will be taking place imminently.

To find out more about why, who, how and when we are airdropping these NFTs, keep reading till the end!

1. Why are we airdropping NFTs?

We want to invite the strongest players from some of the best DeFi projects and DAOs to join Potion Unlock, so that their expertise can bring robustness to our nascent community, and foster broader awareness of the project ahead of the Public Auction starting on Feb 28th.

For this reason, we have performed on-chain analysis to select 1,000 addresses that will be whitelisted for minting the remaining OG NFTs on a First Come First Served (FCFS) basis.

2. Who are we airdropping to?

You can find the list of airdropped addresses here. Our cohort of 1,000 addresses comes from a variety of backgrounds across DeFi, NFT and DAO spaces.

DAOs and NFT projects

Potion Unlock is all about governance and on-chain empowering through NFTs. For this reason, we have selected a mixture of likeminded projects:

  • DeepDAO conveniently provides a ranking of the most experienced governance participants across the industry, and we believe they will be crucial to resolve Potion Unlock. We picked DeepDAO’s top 100 addresses scored in terms of mixed participation across major DAOs.
  • LobsterDAO is the NFT-driven governance arm of the Blockchain Lobsters chat-community. It is full of influential and experienced blockchain OGs, with an ethos we feel aligned with. For this reason, we have selected: top 100 holders by Lob count, complemented with top 200 most active participants in LobsterDAO Snapshot space.
  • Loot Project pioneered the idea of open-ended on-chain adventures based on a limited collection of generative NFT pieces. It was one of the strongest inspirations for Potion Unlock, and thus we will be airdropping the first 100 original minters of Loot NFTs.

DeFi projects

Potion is in its essence a derivatives Automatic Market Maker (AMM). We have selected a few of the most relevant AMM and derivatives protocols currently existing in DeFi, and airdropped their top 100 most active users based on on-chain activity:

  • Uniswap pioneered the bonding curve paradigm and theAMM architecture, being one of the core inspirations of the Potion Protocol.
  • Opyn, Hegic, Ribbon and Premia, although being a limited subset of protocols, represent a rich variety of approaches for bringing derivatives on-chain. We hope their users will be excited about Potion Protocol’s approach, and help the community in its Unlock.

3. How is the airdrop working?

Selected addresses will be whitelisted on-chain for minting from our NFT contract. By visiting the Potion Unlock app once the Airdrop minting phase is open, selected participants will be able to mint OG NFTs for free, just paying the network gas fee.

There’s a limited number of OG NFTs remaining, lower than the credits given out in the airdrop. This means that the process will work on a FCFS basis, and thus early participation is encouraged to avoid missing the airdrop.

Airdropped wallet migration

It is very important to note that, due to its cryptographic features, the Potion Unlock app can only be used with vanilla Metamask (not connected through any hardware wallet). Given that many recipient addresses for the OG NFT Airdrop are likely to be hardware wallets, we risk missing them.

To solve this, we have released an “airdrop migration” webpage. Only initially whitelisted wallets will be able to login to this site, and they will be able to sign an off-chain message proposing a fresh Metamask wallet to re-whitelist.

Airdrop recipients that are not Metamask wallets are encouraged to go through the migration process as soon as possible, before the airdrop minting phase begins, if they want to secure NFTs.

4. When is the airdrop happening?

The airdrop minting phase is scheduled to begin on Friday 25th of February at 12.00 CET. It will close on Monday 28th of February at 12.00 CET, or when we run out of OG NFTs.

Be prepared, mint early and share your experience with the world. We are looking forward to have all of you onboard of the Potion Unlock game!